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  • The results of a socioeconomic vulnerability analysis study carried out at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in 2009 were recently featured in the journal "Climatic Change". This article was part of a Special Issue on "Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Impacts, Experiences, and Actions" edited by Julie Koppel Maldonado, Rajul E. Pandya, and Benedict J. Colombi. The journal can be downloaded.
  • The results of this study were also presented by Dr. Karletta Chief at the Second International Climate Change Adaptation Conference at the University of Arizona in 2012. View the full video presentation.

  • In a regionally-driven effort, the Southwest Climate Science Center recently partnered with the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) and other researchers on a comprehensive report for the National Climate Assessment. The "Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States" report went far beyond expectations and has been widely praised for its comprehensiveness. The entire report can be downloaded.
  • Chapter 17 of the "Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States" report focuses on climate change impacts to Native Americans in the Southwest. The entire chapter and a two-page fact sheet can be downloaded.
  • In 2010, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe collaborated with the Climate Change Native American Technical Group on a video featuring Nevada tribes and climate change. You can view the video here.